Teach, Do, Practise, Behave: Equality by La Salle Education

Teach, Do, Practise, Behave: Equality

In this course we will look how we can phase the learning of different topics using the teach, do, practise, behave model. 

In particular we will look at a snap shot of how we could teach a learning episode, including some useful tasks and models to use to offer opportunities to connect idea and build true conceptual understanding. This course builds on previous courses using Cuisenaire Rods and bar modelling.

What's included?

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Teach, Do, Practise, Behave
What does equals mean?
12 mins
Breaking and Fixing
5 mins
Bridging Instruction
13 mins
Childrens Learning (Siegler, 1996)
102 KB
Representational Fluency in Middle School: A Classroom Study (Nathan et al., 2002)
269 KB
The Real Story Behind Story Problems: Effects of Representations on Quantitative Reasoning (Koedinger et al., 2004)
721 KB
Bridging Instruction
Teaching and Doing
13 mins
Learning from Examples: Instructional Principles from the Worked Examples Research (Atkinson et al., 2000)
2.1 MB
Mistakes on display: Incorrect examples refine equation solving and algebraic feature knowledge (Barbieri & Booth, 2020)
2.14 MB
Examples and Tutored Problems: How can Self-Explanation Make a Difference to Learning? (Najar & Mitrovic, 2011)
218 KB
How do we practise?
11 mins
Mathematical Fluency: the Nature of Practice and the Role of Subordination (Hewitt, 1996)
468 KB
Developing mathematical fluency: comparing exercises and rich tasks (Foster, 2017)
1.31 MB
Assessing Mathematical Proficiency: What is important? (Burkhart, 2007)
491 KB
Practising Tasks
3.46 MB
What does 'behaving' look like?
6 mins
What makes a Rich Task? (Griffin, 2009)
368 KB
Low attainers exhibiting higher-order mathematical thinking (Watson, 2001)
87.8 KB
Behaving Tasks
2.05 MB
A Learning Episode...

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