Teaching with Algebra Tiles: Axioms, Expressions and Equality by La Salle Education

Teaching with Algebra Tiles: Axioms, Expressions and Equality

In this course we will take a journey through directed number arithmetic to culminate in working algebraically. We will take an axiomatically coherent approach using algebra tiles as our model of communication. In doing so, we offer pupils the opportunity to gain conceptual appreciation and see connections between ideas that are the fundamental building blocks in mathematics.

What's included?

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Axioms and Expressions
Defining Addition
15 mins
Defining Addition Practise
739 KB
A model for subtraction
13 mins
A model for subtraction practise
579 KB
Defining Multiplication
13 mins
Defining Multiplication Practise
743 KB
A model for division
8 mins
A model for division practise
765 KB
Connecting Ideas + Useful tasks
8 mins
Expressions and Equality
Area and expressions 1
8 mins
Area and expressions 2
10 mins
Area and Expressions Practise
801 KB
Defining Equivalence
7 mins
Solving Equations
11 mins
Defining and Solving Equations Practise
131 KB

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