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Big Ideas in Maths

How do we communicate mathematics to our pupils? What models and metaphors can we offer to make our mathematics become the students’ personalised awareness of mathematics?

In this course, we will explore some ‘big ideas’ in mathematics that permeate our curricula and how we should carefully plan and give attention to the communication of the technical detail.

What's included?

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What are didactics?
12 mins
Didactics of mathematics: an epistemological approach to mathematics education (Winslow, 2008)
235 KB
Didactics of Mathematics as a Scientific Discipline (Biehler et al., 1994)
6.28 MB
Teaching and learning elementary mathematics
Your teaching...
Models and Metaphors
10 mins
The Didactical De Morgan: a Selection of Augustus De Morgan's Thoughts on Teaching and Learning Mathematics (Arcavi et al., 1989)
450 KB
Didactics Mathematics, and Communication (Fischer, 1988)
614 KB
Models, Metaphors, Examples and Instruction
Didactic Transposition in Mathematics Textbooks (Kang & Kilpatrick, 1992).pdf
381 KB
Communication Problems?
11 mins
Teach, Do, Practise, Behave
8 mins
Learning Episodes
Translation of an Idea
16 mins
Tools or crutches? Apparatus as a sense-making aid in mathematics teaching with children with moderate learning difficulties (Moscardini, 2009)
393 KB

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