Responsive Teaching

In this course, we will take a deep dive into what it means to be more responsive in the classroom. Assessment, tasks, pedagogy and the communication of mathematics are part of the cannon that informs crucial decision making with respect to learning. Performance is often a misleading indicator, but a necessary step in the initial steps of learning. We will work on example tasks/prompts that exemplify how we can g...
Teaching for Understanding
In this section, we will explore some ideas and tasks that promote deeper understanding and why they are important for teachers to determine what pupils know.
Do they understand?
15 mins
Formative Instruction
Principles of Effective Instruction
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Supporting all Pupils
In this section, we will look at how we can switch our to focus to ensure all pupils can learn well and what to do when problems arise.
Ensuring all pupils learn well
17 mins
Effective use of Correctives (DeWeese & Randolph, 2011)
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Formative Classroom Assessment and Benjamin S. Bloom: Theory, Research, and Implications (Guskey, 2005)
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Group-based mastery learning (Fitzpatrick, 1985)
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The Rest of the Story (Guskey, 2008)
TASK: Designing Correctives
6 mins
In this section, we look at some assessment questions and why we might use them. Formative assessment is a term that is used frequently in education, but what does it actually mean?
Informed Assessment
18 mins
What formative assessment is and isn't (Wiliam, 2020)
Power of Feedback (Hattie, 2007)
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Embedded Formative Assessment (Wiliam, 2011)
AfL in Upper Primary (Stiggins, 2009)
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Achieving Mastery Through Responsive Teaching
What makes a good question?
Building on the first section, we take a deeper look into what makes a good question in mathematics and how from one single question, on a particular idea, can provide us with the opportunity to gather intelligence on what our pupils know and how we can respond.
Good Questions
15 mins
Inside the Black Box - Mathematics (Hogden & Wiliam, 2006)
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Formative Assessment in Maths (Barton, 2018).pdf
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Rich Questioning (Wiliam, 1999).pdf
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Formative Assessment: Mathematics Assessment Project
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TASK: What are good questions?
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