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Access all of the brilliant teacher CPD courses in our library by purchasing one annual membership for just £7 per month paid annually or £8 per month paid monthly.

What to expect

We are building the most extensive library of training courses for mathematics teachers. Accessible anywhere, anytime.  With all new courses added every week. Look below for a full list of what is included in the membership.

Take control of your own professional learning with our super low cost, flexible CPD. Jam packed with content for teachers at all levels of development, from those looking to become a maths teacher, early career teachers and colleagues with years of experience.

Teaching mathematics is more than just knowing mathematics. Our Teacher CPD College will ensure you have up to date, expert subject specific pedagogical and didactical knowledge and technique.

Teacher CPD

Teaching with Algebra Tiles: Axioms, Expressions and Equality

A journey through arithmetic using algebra tiles to communicate key ideas that form the bedrock of mathematics.
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Teaching with Algebra Tiles: Distribution and Factoring

The final part of the journey from arithmetic to factorising polynomials. We delve into the communication of distribution and factoring.
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Teaching with Algebra Tiles: Mastering Proof

Algebraic proof is a challenge area of mathematics. Using algebra tiles we can allow pupils to visualise this process.
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Teaching with Algebra Tiles Bundle

The full journey of using algebra tiles as a forward-facing model to communicate fundamental ideas in mathematics.
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Teaching with Bar Models: The Fundamentals

An in-depth look at bar models and their importance when communicating key ideas such as fractions, decimals and equations.
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Teaching with Bar Models: Equations and Problem Solving

Building upon the fundamentals course we delve deep into equations, simultaneous equations and some challenging problems.
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Teaching with Cuisenaire Rods: Counting and Arithmetic

This Cuisenaire course takes us on a journey from early number sense and counting through to the fundamentals of basic arithmetic.
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Teaching with Cuisenaire Rods: Fractions

In this course we will look at how Cuisenaire Rods can be used to model fractions, order fractions and work arithmetically.
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Responsive Teaching

In this course, we will take a deep dive into what it means to be more responsive in the classroom.
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Teach, Do, Practise, Behave: Fractions

In this course we will look at how we can phase the learning of different topics using the Teach, Do, Practise, Behave model.
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Big Ideas in Maths

In this course, we will explore some ‘big ideas’ in mathematics that permeate our curricula.
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Mastery Learning

In this course we will look at what mastery learning means, the history and the evidence supporting a responsive model of teaching.
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Lessons from Cognitive Science

A look into how we can use research recommendations to enhance the learning experience we can offer pupils
View course Coming soon

Teaching with Dienes Blocks

This course shows how dienes blocks can be used to enhance the understanding of fundamental maths topics
View course Coming soon

Teaching with Geoboards

This exciting course will demonstrate the power of the Geoboard for engaging and inspiring pupils.
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Teaching with Two-Colour Counters

In this course you will learn how to start getting the most out of this powerful and versatile manipulative.
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Autograph: Advanced Lesson Ideas

In this course we will consider what makes Autograph special, focusing on more advanced level uses.
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Subject Knowledge Enhancement

This course will cover multiple representations, manipulatives and pedagogically sound models for teaching essential mathematical concepts.
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