Embedding Problem Solving by La Salle Education

Embedding Problem Solving

In this course we will work through some problems to offer a way in which to embed problem solving to everyday practice. The course is designed to be as 'live' as possible to encourage you to work with the problems, in order to gain a better sense of what problem solving and mathematical curiosity feels like.

What's included?

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What is this course?
A starter...
3 mins
What is Mathematics?
2 mins
How Old Is The Shepherd?
What is Problem Solving?
5 mins
A simple problem...
2 mins
Mathematical Proficiency
5 mins
Negatives Mystery Task
25.5 KB
A good task
2 mins
Attacking problems
4 mins
How To Solve It (Polya, 1990)
136 KB
How To Solve It: George Polya Lecture
Number Chains Problem
1010 KB
Codifying Problem Solving
3 mins
Problem Solving Framework
308 KB
Productive Struggle: Robert Kaplinsky
Swap Away
3 mins
Swap Away Task
1010 KB
Developing an existing problem
3 mins
Goal Free
3 mins
Too Much Maths!
2 mins
Packing a Truck Task
3.1 MB
Effective Tasks
4 mins
Useful Resources
Mathematics Assessment Project
Teaching for Robust Understanding
222 KB
Open Middle
Improving Learning in Mathematics
2.34 MB
Depth of Knowledge Matrices
Starting Points Maths
Bowland Maths
Underground Maths
What is Problem Solving?
Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving: What This Looks Like In Every Maths Lesson