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Truly affordable personal tuition, anytime, anywhere. The Virtual Maths School consists of extensive courses taught by our expert teachers each containing instructional videos, activities, resources and quizzes.

Pupil Tuition

Secondary Ready in Mathematics

Learn the fundamental concepts in maths and create a solid foundation upon which to build towards the study of more complex ideas.
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Mastering Grade 5 at GCSE

Learn the key concepts that are essential when aiming for a grade 5 at GCSE.
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Your Course Leaders

Jonathan Hall

Before becoming a Maths Lead for La Salle, Jonathan was a successful head of department at Leeds City Academy for over five years and continues to work there as a Lead Practitioner of Mathematics.

Gary Lamb

Gary has taught for 14 years in four different schools and was Head of Mathematics in St Andrew's Academy. Now, Gary is part of the La Salle Education team working as a Mathematics Educator, leading CPD in Scotland. 

Robert Smith

Robert has been teaching maths for nearly 10 years, teaching at various schools in the East Midlands before becoming the Maths Community Lead for La Salle. 


"It has really helped me understand harder subjects and I'm very happy I can do them."
"Made everything a piece of cake."
"The lessons were clear and were taught to us in a visually interesting way."
"I would recommend this course because it is useful for all skill levels and Sir was very helpful if anyone was stuck with a question."
"This course has helped reinforce my understanding of foundation maths and made sure I don't make mistakes in my working out."

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