Teaching with Cuisenaire Rods: Fractions by La Salle Education

Teaching with Cuisenaire Rods: Fractions

This Cuisenaire course takes us on a journey from representing and comparing simple fractions all the way through to complicated arithmetic involving mixed numbers.

Cuisenaire rods are used throughout to model and explain each of the key concepts and ideas when working with fractions.

What's included?

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Representing and Comparing Fractions
1 min
Representing Fractions
4 mins
Representing Fractions Worksheet
114 KB
Prerequisite Knowledge - LCM
2 mins
Comparing Fractions - Simple Cases
3 mins
Comparing Fractions - Closest to the Whole
4 mins
Comparing Fractions Worksheet
119 KB
Comparing the Denominators
3 mins
Comparing the Numerators
3 mins
Ordering Fractions - Increasing the Numerator or Denominator
3 mins
Ordering Fractions Worksheet
117 KB
Adding and Subtracting
Adding Fractions using Cuisenaire
5 mins
Adding Fractions using Cuisenaire Worksheet
118 KB
Subtracting Fractions using Cuisenaire
3 mins
Subtracting Fractions using Cuisenaire Worksheet
118 KB
Fraction of an Amount
3 mins
Fraction × Fraction
2 mins
Mixed × Mixed
3 mins
Multiplying Fractions Worksheet
118 KB
Integer by Fraction (No Remainder)
4 mins
Integer by Fraction (Remainder)
4 mins
Fraction by Fraction
8 mins
Dividing Fractions Worksheet
116 KB

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