Teaching with Two-Colour Counters by La Salle Education

Teaching with Two-Colour Counters

Two-colour counters are an incredibly versatile manipulative, which is great as they are also one of the cheapest!

In this course you will learn how to start getting the most out of this powerful and versatile manipulative, with tried and tested ‘low floor, high ceiling’ activities to use in the classroom, covering topics such as number, algebra, proof and probability.

What's included?

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Course Introduction
2 mins
Mathematical Modelling
Hotel Doors Problem
4 mins
Hotel Doors - Solution up to 12th door
3 mins
Hotel Doors - Generalising to n doors
5 mins
Task - Hotel Doors
112 KB
Task - Hotel Doors - Solutions
181 KB
Linear nth Term
3 mins
Quadratic nth Term
5 mins
nth term rule for a triangluar number
3 mins
Task - Sequences
145 KB
Task - Sequences - Solutions
189 KB
Directed Number
Zero Pairs
2 mins
Addition with directed number
3 mins
Additions - Moving from the counters
3 mins
Subtraction with directed number
5 mins
Task - Directed Number
819 KB
Task - Directed Number - Solutions
829 KB
Visual Proofs
Fibonacci - 1st + 5th = 3(3rd)
5 mins
Sum of odd integers 1 to n is a square
3 mins
Consecutive triangular numbers sums to a square
2 mins
Venn Diagrams
5 mins
Replace or not repace
5 mins
Simpson's Paradox
3 mins
Average and Range
The concept of the mean
2 mins
Fixing towers - mean 4, mode 3
2 mins
Fixing towers - mean 3, range 4
2 mins
Fixing towers - mean 3, range 4, median 3
3 mins
A Final Investigation
Frogs and Toads
4 mins
Task - Frogs and Toads
113 KB
Task - Frogs and Toads - Solutions
125 KB
Course Summary
1 min

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