What is mastery?

In this section, we will explore some of the history surrounding mastery and what it actually means.
What is mastery?
The history...
13 mins
The Winnetka Plan
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Educational Measurement as a Key to Individual Instruction and Promotions (Washburne, 1922)
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A model of school learning
11 mins
Learning for Mastery (Bloom, 1968)
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The Search for Methods of Group Instruction as Effective as One-to-One Tutoring (Bloom, 1984)
2.7 MB
The Carroll Model: A 25-Year Retrospective and Prospective View (Carroll, 1989)
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Mastery learning: Applying the theory (Guskey, 1980)
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Formative Classroom Assessment and Benjamin S. Bloom: Theory, Research, and Implications (Guskey, 2005)
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Important Considerations
11 mins
Inflexible Knowledge: The First Step to Expertise (Willingham, 2020)
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How to improve student educational outcomes (McKinsey, 2015)
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The Mastery Cycle
11 mins
Mastery Learning Cycle (McCourt, 2019)
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Group-based mastery learning: A Robin Hood Approach to Instruction? (Fitzpatrick, 1985)
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 Mastery Learning - An Effective Teaching Strategy (Motamedi, 2012)
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