Following on from the release of Autograph 5, Rob Smith and Doug Butler have been running online webinar courses to make Autograph resources available to maths teachers and students across the globe, at all levels of teaching. The online webinar course materials for Beginners and Intermediate users are already available, and we will be adding an Advanced user Webinar Course soon. Furthermore, the first release of Web Autograph will hopefully be available later in 2020.

Autograph is free to download. Autograph can be installed on your school computer, home computer, and across the school network. Thanks to the generosity of Complete Maths, you no longer need to pay for a licence.

This session is an A-Z of pedagogical content knowledge. Rob and Doug will run through various topics for which Autograph can be particularly effective. There is often mention that Autograph is only for secondary teachers, so Rob and Doug will begin by highlighting areas of the primary curriculum that can be taught using Autograph. How to teach Area, Bearings, Circles, and that's just the ABC.