"This session is another chance to look at some pedagogy, maths curriculum and run through some more topics for which Autograph can be particularly effective.

Robert Smith and Douglas Butler have successfully delivered the online webinar courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced users of Autograph and will bring a flavour of the potential Autograph can have in the classroom. The courses have been recorded and are now all available online in the Complete Mathematics Teacher CPD courses.

Further thanks to La Salle Education, who have made the desktop version of Autograph free to download, and can be installed on your school computer, home computer, and across the school network.

There is often mention that Autograph is only for secondary and post 16 teachers, so Rob and Doug will be sure to include areas of the primary curriculum that can be taught using Autograph. We hope to see you at the session: The 1, 2, 3 of Autograph"