Autograph has an intuitive interface for both teachers and pupils and this session will enable teachers to go back to the classroom with a focus on the mathematics - there's no requirement to be a ‘Tech’ expert.

Autograph is for users of all ages. This session will focus on ideas that teachers will be able to take back to the classroom to support pupils learning. There will be time to look at what makes Autograph so special and how Autograph can be used for many lesson ideas.

Autograph is designed for teaching and this session will hopefully be able to show you how easy it is to use in the classroom. There will be time to look at some great examples and to share good classroom practice.

This session is suitable for Teachers who want to be able to go back to school with ideas about how their pupils can learn. I aim to show how Autograph can be used quickly and easily in the classroom.

There will be supporting materials “How To” guides and “Tasks” available to take ideas back to the classroom. I hope you will share some of your learning to @AutographMaths It will include a ‘hint’ of what is to come in the future of Autograph. I hope to follow up on the successful 4-part webinar course that we ran during April 2020.